Just Fiddling Around provide a comprehensive and sequenced program for students to follow, preferably with the assistance of a teacher!


  1. Cheat notes for scales and tunes

  2. Theory to assist students in reading music and understanding what they are learning.

  3. Easy tunes grouped together by key.

  4. Typical Canadian Jam tunes

  5. Favourite (easy) Celtic tunes

  6. Christmas tunes

  7. Harmony selections

  8. Included CD with tunes recorded at slow tempo and regular speed

  9. Accompaniment CD featuring piano and drum tracks for all the tunes in the book.

  10. Click here for sample pages:

Student Textbook:

Teacher’s Manual:

Just Fiddling Around TEACHER’S MANUAL provides  everything from  information on setting up a studio to a comprehensive and sequenced program  of 30 lesson plans.


  1. Practical aspects of setting up a studio.

  2. Characteristics of learners, and how to use these to best plan lessons.

  3. Explanations on building programs

  4. 30 sequenced lesson plans that follow the student text-book: Just put it on your music stand and you’re ready to teach!

  5. Charts for keeping track of progress, payment.

  6. Guides, learning games, reproducible lesson hand-outs

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